♡ Where do you ship? 

We currently ship to the United States and Canada. Hoping to expand to more countries in the near future!

 What is your shipping process? 

There is a flat rate shipping fee of $3.99 per bouquet. Orders are fulfilled within 1-3 business days and shipped through USPS. You will receive a tracking number via email once your order ships. 

I also offer free pick up for folks in the Los Angeles area. You must be available to pick up in the Pasadena / San Gabriel area for this option. 

♡ Can I send a bouquet to someone else?

Absolutely! Please make sure you enter the recipient's name and shipping address at check out. Feel free to add a personalized note as well :) 

♡ Is each bouquet handmade? 

Yes! Every bouquet is hand made which means each one is a little unique. I carefully craft each bundle to ensure consistent quality and size. 

♡  Do you only sell dried florals? 

At the moment, yes. We'll add more products as our shop continues to grow. Stay tuned! 

♡ Do you take custom orders? 

Short answer: yes. Please send me a direct message to discuss custom order details. 

♡ How often are new products added to your site? 

About once a month, at the beginning of the month. Follow @littlecosmea on instagram for the latest info on new products and special pop-up events!  

♡ What's the best way to care for my dried florals?

Here are some tips for care:

  • KEEP DRY. Store away from moist, humid spots to prevent mold. Unlike fresh flowers, dried flowers do not need to be placed in water. 
  • KEEP COOL. Store away from direct sunlight to avoid fading and deterioration. 
  • LIMIT MOVEMENT. Store in a place without a lot of traffic around it, and away from children and pets.  
  • TRIM STEMS. Keep at an appropriate length for the vase by trimming the ends as needed. 
  • ENJOY! Place in a visible spot that makes you happy :)